Live Edge Black Walnut Vertical Edge

$ 199.00

Live edge black walnut vertical shelf that is perfect for your rustic, cottage chic look. It's perfect to put family photos, vintage knick knacks, or whatever you feel!

White Creek never makes the same thing twice, so when this sells, we can work with you to make something unique, but with a similar feel. All our hardware is vintage and hand-picked, or hand-forged by our White Creek Forgers. We are happy to select different wood and different dimensions upon request.

Looking to DIY something similar? Check out our collections of varying lumber varietals. We suggest these three slabs to start your project: #8740, #8736, #8731

Plug the number into the search engine on our website and you can purchase from there. 

All the wood is locally sourced and extracted responsibly by our White Creek Loggers. We are a team of 5. Mostly family and very passionate about what we do.

We look forward to doing business with you!

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