About Us

Our father, Francis McDonough, began selling craft lumber about 12 years ago. By trade, Francis is a lumberjack and as he was out on jobs, he began to hand-select unique pieces of lumber and store them in the back shed or our family home, in Clinton NY.  

The beginning of this journey was a bit of a bumpy one. When our father announced, one random Sunday that he was going to open a store on eBay to sell craft lumber, it sounded like a joke. Our father didn't even know how to turn on the computer, let alone create and manage an online store. Well, the same day of this grand announcement, we introduced our father to the computer...

Dylan & Andrea- "This big button here, Dad, that's the power button".  
Dylan & Andrea- "No Dad, see, right here. Now hold it in until the green light appears."

....and so it began....

We spent hours and hours, days and days going through, step-by-step, so he could set up an eBay store and get his products on the market.

It's clear that our father's keen eye for the best products, in combination with his ambitious nature, created the perfect mixture to build a successful business that is now named White Creek Craft Lumber

We have decided to help our father expand his brand and products by creating a website where reoccurring customers can come and get the same quality products, with the same fast and supportive customer service, for less.
This is how White Creek Craft Lumber was born. The name is an ode to a small creek that runs across our street back home, where our parents still reside. As kids we played, swam and caught frogs in this creek all Summer. 

We've only just begun with this phase of our company, but we are hopeful and very excited for the opportunity! 

We thank you for your business and loyalty. 

Andrea & Dylan McDonough