About Our Products

   Our home, Clinton, NY, is located an hour south of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY.  In the foothills of these mountains, and much of the area encompassing Central New York State, Fran has been logging for over 30 years.  It may surprise some, but in the rolling hills of the dairy country of Upstate lies some of the highest quality hardwood timber in the country.  It is here where are our products come from.

   Each piece of lumber has come from a tree hand cut by a logger in Fran's small crew, which includes his son Dylan.  From there the harvested logs are sawn by one of a few local sawyers.  Much of inventory has been sawn by Amish sawyers in surrounding towns.

   .Straight from the backyard sawmills the lumber is stacked and kiln dried to the perfect moisture content.  Once pulled from the kiln, both sides are planed and its ready to go.  All lumber is kild dried unless other wise stated in the description.

    We understand that what you're looking for isn't something you can find at Home Depot.  You want something unique, something with character, and something that tells a story.  That's why Fran picks pieces that make him think to himself "damn, thats a nice lookin' slab of wood right there."  From flamed cherry to wormy soft maple to Austrian pine, we've got a selection of specialty lumber that's unmatched.  You are sure to find that piece that perfects whatever you're working on.  If you can't find it here than you're not looking hard enough!